The 4 Elements to Your Well-Being

In life we tend to allow the busyness of our everyday lives to get in the way of taking care of ourselves to point that we neglect ourselves in order to accomplish the goals we have established to fulfill.  However, as a means for us to remain productive and successful at fulfilling our responsibilities at home, work and the God-given purposes that rest on our lives it is vitally important that we take the time out of our schedules and focus on our health.

There has been research conducted which suggest that the four essential elements that are the core to a person’s well-being consist of their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional state.

Physical Fitness

Ensuring that you are physically fit and healthy is important to the longevity of your life and the ability to be around to take care of your family.  It is therefore advisable that regardless if you are a male or female that you eat properly, drink water daily, exercise regularly and most of all make sure that you visit your doctor’s office in order to have yearly exams performed (i.e. physical, dental, eyes).  It is better to know your health status verses living in darkness and not knowing.

 Mental Wellness

Maintaining a viable mental status is just as important as it is in making sure that you are physically fit.  It would seem that the mental status and physical aspects of a person are interconnected.  Oftentimes, the manner in which a person views themselves can either have a positive or negative outcome regarding their physical appearance.  Hence, people should take the necessary steps to seek out professional help if needed to address any hidden issues in order to lead a happy and productive life.

 Spiritually Sound

No matter how you may view your spirituality sustaining a level of spiritual soundness is crucial to your walk of faith.  Therefore, in order to build and maintain your spiritual strength it is suggested that you find time to mediate on the word of God, listen to smoothing music, commit to reading inspirational literature, staying connected to positive influence-rs of Christ and pray on a regular basis.

 Emotional Stability

Despite the fact that emotional stability is the last element to be discussed it is the building block to a person’s wholeness and well-being.  The emotional stability of a person involves the person’s capability to maintain an even-keen temperament regardless of the adversities they make face in life.  When you find yourself in a stressful predicament always call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Consequently, if the elements of our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional state are depleted or are missing from our lives we will yield an unprofitable lifestyle as well as in the areas regarding the stability and happiness of our families and the functionality of workplace.  Therefore, the underlining message here is to take care of self and maintain a BALANCED LIFE!    

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