Olympians for Life (3 min. read)

No Olympian runner competes in a race with the intent of losing; their focus is to be the first one to cross the finish line and obtain a gold medal.  Just like that of a runner who runs a race to win; we should do the same in life.  We should run the race of life with an attitude to win despite the adversities that we must overcome or the challenges we may face along the way.

Alongside having a winner’s mindset, we should also equip ourselves with these six essential ingredients in our quest to victory:

  1.  Faith, the ability to trust God for what we are hoping for.
  2.  A perseverant spirit so that we may weather the storms of life as you move toward gaining our prize that we have set out to obtain;
  3.  Grace, so that we may lean on the strength of God when we realize that we don’t know switch direction to take in our race;
  4.  Patience, so that we do not become tried in the mist of waiting for our promise to be fulfilled;
  5.  Dedication to stay the course when things look hopeless; and
  6.  Peace, so that we may be able to accept the manner in which God sends our blessing to us.


Share the steps you are using or have used in your race in life?


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