Self-Love: Rise Above the Words of Your Haters (2 min. read)

In today’s society with just the click of a button, information or comments about a topic can be transmitted instantaneously throughout the world.  Most of the information or comments that are sent out is sometimes incorrect, not factual, and based on the opinion of others.

Take for instances the recent headlines on social media regarding Gabriel Douglas and her hairstyle at the Olympics.  From all of the negative and impolite comments that were directed toward Gabriel it could be interpreted that she was being bullied, during a time when she should have been celebrated and commended for having the courage to continue in pursuit of her dream to be an Olympian winner.  Instead of celebrating a win for the gymnast and the team she competed with, Gabriel had to contend with ridicule, scrutiny and degrading comments because of the hairstyle she chose to wear while in competition.

Oftentimes, those who have something negative to say about another person do so because they are unhappy and do not feel comfortable within their own skin.  Therefore, it is advised that the best way to deal with people who have negative comments about how someone looks, they should rise above words of haters by ignoring them and remember according to Psalm 139:14 that they were “fearfully and wonderfully made.”


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