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In today’s society, there is an overwhelming amount of single parent households and majority of them are being led by women.   So often we see boys standing around and not actively engaging in meaningful activities.  There is a small percentage of them that are chasing after their goals and dreams, while the remaining of them are wasting their lives away doing nothing that brings about change or adds value.

I say to this growing epidemic, where are the Fathers?

As we watch that precious gift given to us by God (a little baby boy) evolve into something that we did not dream or fathom would grow into a stranger that we don’t recognize.

I ask where are the Fathers’?

As I ponder on this question, I come to the realization that our little boys are trying to become what they simply don’t know anything about and they have no clue on how to safely arrive at the destination of manhood.  But who can blame them when they never received any guidance, love or support from their father.

Just as a seed is planted into the ground and receives sunlight, water and occasionally pruned to get rid of withering leaves, so does a child needs to have a mother and a father actively involved in their life so that they may receive what the other one cannot provide.

Positively speaking, Fathers Arise.


Guest Writer: Monica Golden-Tellis

Categories Godly Insight

2 thoughts on “LITTLE LOST BOYS

  1. This really speaks to me. I grew up going to church occasionally with my grandmother, and I always questioned God because my father was a terrible man. But I never questioned my father. You’re so right. Too many of us don’t have proper father or sometimes mother figures in our lives and it has such a large effect on the family.

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    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the article and found so solace based on your comment that you’ve experienced something similar.

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