Article Credit: Bessie Stewart-Banks

Choice was walking down Decision Boulevard and noticed how everyone he passed seemed to know one another.  As the new person on the block Choice wanted so much to meet new friends and as the thought of wanting friends crossed his mind, he bumped into Doubt and they begin to talk.  As the conversation between Choice and Doubt continued, Doubt asked Choice if he wanted to meet the next day for lunch at Crossroads Café.  Desperate to have a friend Choice agreed and said he could meet around noon.

The day arrived and with excitement and anticipation of having lunch with Doubt, Choice hurried to reach the Café.  As Choice entered into the restaurant Faith greeted Choice and asked him how many people was in his party.  Choice responded,”Just two, thank-you.”  Choice waited for about ten minutes before he was seated at a table.  After waiting alone for about ten additional minutes, Choice finally noticed Doubt entering into the restaurant with three more of his friends.

“Hi, Choice,” Doubt said.

I hope you don’t mind having lunch with three more people.  Choice said that it would be fine and it would give him a chance to have more friends.  So, Doubt proceeded to introduce Worry, Anxiety, and Fear to Choice.

As Doubt was introducing his friends to Choice, Faith passed by their table and looked Choice straight in the eyes with a firm look.  Suddenly, Choice said, “What’s that waiter’s problem?”

Doubt replied, “Oh, don’t pay him any attention he does that every time we come here for lunch with new friends.”

Nevertheless, Choice, Doubt, Worry, Anxiety, and Fear ordered their meals and spent about an hour and a half talking and eating.  Suddenly, Doubt realized that he had spent too much time at the lunch and he was running late for a meeting over on the North side of town at Confusion Junction and Complaint Avenue.

Excuse me, “Choice but I’m going to have to cut this lunch short because I am running late for a meeting” Doubt stated.

“That’s okay, Doubt I understand,” Choice humbly replied.

“If you would like we can all meet up tomorrow over on Destination Trail with a few more of my friends named Anger and Negativity,” Doubt suggested.

As Doubt was offering this invitation, Faith walked passed Choice and Doubt’s table again and stared Choice right in his face.  But this time, Choice sensed something different about his waiter’s stare and felt a shiver down his spine.  After this eery feeling came over him, Choice decided to tell Doubt he was not available to meet him and his friends the next day.

Doubt said,” okay your loss come on guys, let’s leave this loser alone.”

As Doubt, Worry, Anxiety, and Fear were exiting the Crossroads Café, Purpose, Destiny, and  Courage entered the restaurant and headed straight toward the table where Choice was sitting with a sad look on his face.

“Hi there, my name is Purpose.”  “What is your name?” Purpose stated.

“Are you talking to me?” Choice sadly replied.

“Yes, I am” Purpose responded.

“Oh, Choice is my name!”


Based on this short story, please share what you believe to be the moral of the story?

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