Walking Past Your Past


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Article Credit: Monica Golden-Tellis (aka Positively Speaking)

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Everyone has a past that they are not proud of; however, one’s past does not determine one’s future.  What matters the most about an individual’s past is the lessons they learned based on their past.  Many people have experienced past lives that include: broken homes, teenage pregnancy or pregnancy out of wedlock, and mental, physical and emotional abuse but through a determinate spirit they did not allow their past to be their end.  As the old cliché goes, “Whatever doesn’t destroy you, will make you stronger.”

The greatest advice that can be given to anyone who is being haunted by their past is:

  1. Use what you learned during those difficult times and blossom from it;
  2. Overcome every difficult set back in your life by releasing the bad decisions you made and those who may have played a part in those decisions;
  3. Declare that you will no longer play the role of victim but become victorious in     becoming a better you;
  4. Make the decision that you will not battle someone else’s demons; and
  5. Challenge yourself that today is a new day for new beginnings.

Remember, it’s your life story to tell others.  Walk in strength with head held high and keep moving forward!

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5 thoughts on “Walking Past Your Past

  1. Reblogged this on Pretty, Plus and Proud and commented:
    Excellent advice!

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    1. Thanks for the reblog. So glad you enjoyed reading the article.


  2. Great advice! If we cannot accept the past like this, we are likely to extend mistakes of the past into the future even though we have the power to stop it.

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