Stay Humble & Selfless



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Article Credit: Eric Williams

Have you ever asked God to give you the spirit of selfless and kindness? Ever been given the opportunity from God to bless someone else, but you didn’t take hold of that moment?

We fail to realize that once we put someone else in our spot, everything we need will come to us!

In this life, we all have tribulations and shortcomings, but God places people on our path that help us along the way. In return God requires us, to help those WE come in contact with on our journey in the same way. We are all supposed to help one another because that is what Jesus Christ did while he was here on Earth. If we are supposed to be more like God every day, shouldn’t we help one another no matter what our personal circumstances, maybe?

I personally face this lesson on a daily basis. Just last week I went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered lunch and then went to the grocery store next door. When I got back to the restaurant to pick up my food, there was a man outside. He asked me if I could give him some money in order to get him some lunch. I told him that I didn’t have any change on me at the time. Of course, I could’ve bought him something to eat with my debit card, but without thinking, I said I couldn’t help and rushed to my car to head to work.

On my way to work, I rethought the whole situation. I felt bad because that on very morning I asked God that he would give me the opportunity to help someone. I didn’t take advantage of the moment to help this man. I asked for forgiveness because I didn’t step up to the plate even when I asked to help someone in need.   From that point on I reminded myself to be a man of my word and to do what I said I would do.

All in all, always make sure to remain selfless, encouraging to others, caring, kind, and loving.  Make sure that when you ask God for something and He gives it to you that you are aware of it, when comes to you!


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4 thoughts on “Stay Humble & Selfless

  1. Beautiful thought! I often feel like when I focus on helping others, it lessens my own problems. It gives me a new perspective. I just feel happier and less stressed and can find help from others.

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  2. So glad you appreciate the transparency from the experience.


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