Forever Me


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Article Credit: Monica Golden-Tellis

I forgive you for not saying that you love me.

I forgive you for not being the mother and father that I needed.

I forgive you for making me a mother before my time and leaving me broken to look for a father who didn’t know how to be one because he was never fathered.

I forgive you for all the things you said that would cause me to stumble in life.

I forgive you.

Please understand that my forgiveness of you is not for you but for the sanity of my being.

Despite the lack of support I did not receive from you, I have risen to be more than what you or society said I could be or do.  The life that I live, I live to the fullest.  I accept the things that happened to me but refuse to blossom into the things that you spoke over me.

Although saying the words I forgive you is still hard for me to say, I say them anyway.

You see I am uniquely me.

The person whom God has called me to be.

I am forever me.

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