Source of Your Strength

Article Credit: Monica Golden-Tellis (aka Positively Speaking)

(1 minute read)

As we travel through life and experience various types of disappointment and betrayal, it is important that we take time and not allow bitterness or anger to harbor in our hearts.  There will be times when we must vent our frustration through crying.  We must learn that it is okay to cry.  Crying is not only good for the soul but it acts as a catalyst for cleansing and healing of our hearts.  However, there is a negative stigma attached with expressing our emotions through crying.  Many people view crying as a sign of weakness but that is far from the truth.  More than often the strongest people cry.

This is the point whereby we must position ourselves to press past our pain and do whatever it takes to rid ourselves of the things that people have done to us, and if it takes crying then we must do it.  We also must come to the realization that when we are weak we are in fact strong because we no longer relying on our own strength but on the strength of God.

With that being said, remember that God is always the source of your strength!

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