Silent Haters


Article Credit: Monica Golden-Tellis

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Have you ever wondered why people say that they will be there for you and support you but  when you need them, you find out that their actions don’t line up with their words?

Well, welcome to your silent haters!

Silent haters are those individuals that you have supported on numerous occasions in the pursuit of their dreams and aspirations but when it is time for them to stand in the gap for you they are nowhere to be found.  Oftentimes, these individuals fall within the ranks of family members and close friends.  These silent haters are those individuals who lurk around patiently waiting for you to make a mistake that will cause you to fall flat on your face so that they can gloat about.

The best of advice that I could offer to anyone who has ever encountered a silent hater   would be to distance themselves from that person because they simply don’t have their best interest at heart.  Subsequently, since our days here on earth are numbered we need to position ourselves where we are surrounded by people who are there for us during the storms of life as well as during our highs and lows.  We need people who are supportive and always in our corner cheering us on.  We need people who do not mind if God decides to bless you before them with a breakthrough miracle.  Overall, we need people in our lives that will love and support us no matter what.

Share your thoughts about the silent haters you have encountered.


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5 thoughts on “Silent Haters

  1. True… We should flee from silent haters… Thanks for sharing

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    1. So glad you enjoyed reading. Stop by anytime and share in inspirational reading!

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  2. Very much so.

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  3. Yes, so much like fair -weather friends.

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