Walking in Faith (Revised)


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Article Credit: Bessie Stewart-Banks

(1 minute read)

Walking in faith is not for the meek at heart.  Walking in faith requires a person to wholeheartedly rely on God and his son Jesus Christ.  Walking in faith also requires for an individual to take on a spirit of boldness and resiliency.  Walking in faith reflects the persona of an individual who does not view the response of an NO from someone as the end-all to their requests in life.  Ultimately, walking in faith means that you are making decisions, moves and taking risks without a full and clear understanding of where your movement and steps will lead you.

For anyone who is experiencing difficulty in their quest to walk in faith, I have this simple advice for you as you continue on your journey and that is ….Keep stepping, trusting and believing that God will provide you with clarity for the direction you are headed in your life and by all means steady your pace as you walk in faith.

Answer this question: Are you walking by faith or by sight?

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2 thoughts on “Walking in Faith (Revised)

  1. I must admit that I have been walking in the middle of the road..

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    1. I pray that you find the path for your life.


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