Worry Free


Photograph from http://www.bing.com

Article Credit: Monica Golden-Tellis

Throughout life you will experience bills, health issues and job crises will arise unexpectedly but know when they come don’t all fall apart or wear your worries without care. This is the point you must remember that you are too beautiful to walk around with your head hanging low frowning about the unexpected. YES, the unexpected may have caught you off guard but know that God has your back!  Make a conscious decision that you will go back to the drawing board because it’s never too late start over again.

Therefore, if you trust in God there is no way that you can worry and pray about any situation all at the same time.  In all sincerity go forth today with this one thought in mind that the best is yet to come to you! Determine that you will live a worry free life.

Share in what ways you life out a worry free life?

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