Expect the Unexpected (1 min. read)


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Article Credit: Monica Golden-Tellis

(Originally Posted January, 2017)

In life we must always live to expect the unexpected.  There will be times in our life when everything will be great and we realize how blessed we are based on the favor that God has surrounded us with.  However, there will be other times in our life when we will experience the hater-ration of those individuals who we assumed were our friends and pretended to be happy for us but they were actually low-key haters.  This is the point in your life when you must be able to distinguish between those people God assigned to be: 1.)  temporary, 2.) for a season and 3.) for a lifetime.  Your decision in this matter will have a profound impact in the direction you take in your walk in life.  Please know that if a person decides to exit your life, you will be okay, it’s just an indicator that God has someone else better and more purposeful to fill their spot.

Always remember to never allow anyone in your life who does not add to your existence or bring value to your life.  In other words, eagles can’t soar with chickens.

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