Five Ways to Discovering Your Purpose

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Article Credit: Bessie Stewart-Banks                                                                                      Originally Posted September 13, 2016

How often have you noticed in life where people have aimlessly wondered around throughout their lifetime and never fully understood why they were placed here on planet Earth?

Oftentimes, people believe that being born is just part of the cycle of life.  They never realize that the mere fact that they were born was for a reason.  Furthermore, there are those who tend to think that what they do for a living is in proportion to their purpose in life not understanding that what they do to make money it not necessarily interconnected to their purpose in life.  It is safe to say that our purpose in life goes beyond having children, making money, fulfilling our hopes and dreams, and spending time with our loves ones.  Our purpose here on earth encumbrances presenting an answer to a societal problem, providing clarity to someone’s dilemma as well as helping others discover who they are and what they were called do to in life.

If you are currently struggling with understanding what your true purpose in life involves, take into consideration these five questions that were of great benefit to me in my quest to discovering my purpose in life.  Hopefully, you will find them to be useful in your journey to discovering your purpose as well:

  1. What are you most passionate about in life?
  2. What things in your life you tend to do without much thought or effort?
  3. Have you ever experienced a traumatic event in your life and now you are determined to ensure that no one else has to suffer such occurrence?
  4. Have you performed a self-evaluation on your goals for life?
  5. What talents or gifts (i.e. speaking or nurturing) do you possess?

No matter what formula you use to discover what your purpose in life is, know this one thing and that is your life matters!

For those who understand what their purpose in life involves, please comment below and tell us what other ways you used to discover your purpose was in life.

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