Article Credit: Bessie Stewart-Banks

Have you ever had a dream and it took sometime for it manifest in your life?  If you answered yes then you can relate to what I am about to say.

Over a course of a lifetime God will place several dreams and visions in our hearts and from the time the seed of vision is planted in our thoughts and spirits we never fully understand what we must endure in order for the seed that was planted to fully grow into the vision that is earmarked for us to possess.  From the time the seed is planted until the dream manifest we encounter roadblocks at the same time of anticipating that our dream will come into fruition.  For most people anticipation is viewed as expecting something great to happen before it actually happens, while another of group people view the anticipation of something in a negative light (that something terrible will happen to them).

Nonetheless, if you have been given a dream and have been working diligently for it to become reality, I say to you today get ready and anticipate greatness to appear in your life.

Remember great things do happen for those who remain steadfast, believing and never give up on their dreams!

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