Article Credit: Monica Golden-Tellis

As human beings living in a distorted world, we must always remember that we cannot change the way people view us but we can change the way we view ourselves.  Having a positive self-perception of yourself is the key to living out a well-rounded life filled with happiness.

On the flip side of maintaining a positive self-perception, it is essential that every person ensures that their character aligns with the life that they are attempting to live out.  The character that each one of us displays each and everyday speaks volume and it reveals who we truly are inside.  This notion also expands to the people we classify as friends. The type of people you gravitate to can either enhance your persona or become a great hindrance to your growth as a person.  Therefore, strive to maintain a positive image.

Special note: The person you display today will be the only thing that people remember about you tomorrow!


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