Change & Growth

Greetings, to all the dear followers of Conscious of the Heart we would like to extend an explanation for the lack of posting in the last several weeks.  Well, here we go. First of all the creator of this platform has recently released a book which has caused her to redirect her focus of the creation of meaningful and inspiring content to the promotion of the book and spreading the message within the book.


Secondly, the purpose for which this platform was built has grown into a publishing company known as Conscious of the Heart Publishing, LLC. As any business owner knows that when you step into the arena of entrepreneurship your focus shifts in your priorities in order to become successful at what you are attempting to do.


Therefore, in order for us to become successful at being a publishing company we will be spending more of our time, focus and energy with the building of this company. and a little less time at blogging.  We will make every attempt to continue in providing our subscribers with Daily Quotes and inspirational content. Occasionally, we will provide you with helpful content on how to become a better writer for those who desire one day be a published author.

Nevertheless, we say thank you for your continued support of Conscious of Heart and hope that you will stay around as we continue to change and grow.  If you desire to partner with us and provide us with inspirational and encouraging content, feel free to contact us at


A Visionary of Change

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