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Greetings to all the wonderful followers of Conscious of the Heart, recently my professional responsibilities have drastically shifted and as a means to add new and exciting content to this site; I have decided to open up COTH’s platform to other bloggers who like to share their material.  Therefore, beginning on this upcoming Friday, April 21, 2017, we will showcase the work of a different blogger each Friday on COTH’s Blog Spotlight.

All interested parties should forward an email to Bessie Stewart-Banks at expressing your interest.  Please make sure to include your name and a short description of the type of topics you cover.

Side note: This opportunity does not just help us but it helps you as well.

Thank you and we look forward in hearing from you soon.

Daily Quote

Today is the start of a new day and the end of a day for most others.  No matter where you may be in the world, new and great things are on the horizon.


Quote Credit: Bessie Stewart-Banks

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Never Give Up on Hope

Article Credit: Bessie Stewart-Banks

Are you hoping for something to happen in your life and it seems as though it will never happen?  If your response to this question was yes, I would say to you don’t.

Oftentimes, circumstances dictate to us that things in life will not get better or our dreams will never come into reality because of the amount of time that we have waited for things to change or dreams to manifest.  According to Proverbs 13:12, “hope deferred makes the heart sick.”  I, however, would like to suggest that the time that you have waited for situations in life to change or dreams to be fulfilled was not time wasted and it was not in vain.  Just like it takes time for a baby to form in the womb of itself mother, so does it take time for situations to turn around for the better and dreams to be fulfilled.

With that being said, no matter what life may hand you and no matter how long you have been waiting; never give up on hope because at the right time life’s situations will change instantaneously and without notice.  The same holds true for the manifestation of your dreams but you must not give up on hope.